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Sitting in the back with a random guy feeling his cock He has to press against the roof as they suck so hard After ditching him, they found another guy to use sexually While one of them jerks him off, the other gives him a taste

These three are by far some of the hottest that we've ever recruited to star in a scene for Fuck Team 5, so we made sure that they would have a lot of fun in order for them to want to come back in the future and get slammed some more. The girls started off in the back seat of our SUV, trying to find the right man to seduce and once he got in, they let him taste and feel whatever he wanted.

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He sits back as they grip his cock and start jerking it All three of them look alike, it only makes them hotter Watching the two girls being lesbian while getting a blowjob It's no surprise that everyone is getting pleasure here

Once he's been lured back to their apartment with a hard dick and a lust to fuck each of this stunning trio, it doesn't take long for them to strip him off and get him down on the floor where they completely take advantage of him as all three girls lay on top at once and enjoy getting their pussies licked and fingered while he gets a blowjob from alternating sluts.

This guy can't hold it for much longer and ejaculates Luckily they have a plate nearby to catch the semen They dilligently lick up all of the cum from it for him Sharing a kiss which is filled with hot sperm

After this is all done, the guy is ready to blow and there is no reason to stop him, but for each of these whores to enjoy the taste of his cum, he's going to have to put it somewhere first. Luckily they had a plate to hand and let him bust his nut all over that before letting each girl have a taste of his semen, which they gratefully swallow.